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We focus on brewing traditional European styles, particularly Belgian ales and German lagers. We believe that intention is the most important component in creating beers. Intention is what what separates a good beer from an excellent beer. Each of our beers serves as an outlet of complete creative expression and each recipe is the manifestation of our research of the classics and our artistic interpretation of those styles.

We take pride in combining our knowledge of brewing, our open minds, and discerning pallets to brew both unique and traditional beers. With every single recipe, our goal is authenticity – to develop a certain character that elevates the beer to be a leader among its compatriots. As beer drinkers ourselves, we crave authenticity in our drinks, and therefore we crave authenticity as brewers, too!

From humble beginnings out of a garage on the west side of Lake Harriet, the brewery was born from the energy and support of the community near the lake. Harriet Brewing and its flagship beer, West Side Belgian-style IPA, were named as an homage to the community from which they were inspired. The brewery is now located in the vibrant Longfellow neighborhood, just south of the intersection of Minnehaha and Lake Streets in Minneapolis.

Leave your car keys at home and hop on the light rail, the bus, or your bike and head to the brewery. Enjoy a beer while in the tasting room turned art gallery, or listen to some vintage vinyl during a general tour or open brewery day every Saturday. Whatever you do, don’t forget to grab a growler and experience Harriet Brewing for yourself.


Welcome to the Neighborhood


We love beer, obviously, but we also place great importance on the community and art - visual and audio. The Tap Room is our way of getting the community together, looking and listening to art and enjoying a few beers.

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