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Here you can reference, drag and zoom the map. The markers indicate the establishments that carry kegs of Harriet Brewing beer.

Zipps Liquors

2618 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Zipps is a family-owned and operated store that has been a proud part of the Seward neighborhood for over 50 years. We’re a low-key kinda place that fancies itself as a cross between the glitz of large retail liquor shops and the familiarity of small mom & pop shops. We don’t have any glitz but we do have a great selection of libations that have been carefully selected to suit our customers’ needs. On top of these selections we have a well trained staff which guides our customers to the products that they like and want.

The Four Firkins

5630 W 36th St
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

The Four Firkins is the premier liquor store in Minnesota that sells nothing but beer.

We love beer as much as you do; so it’s all we sell. Craft Beer and quality imported beer from all over the world. No Bud, no Miller, and no Coors. Just good beer.

France 44 Wines & Spirits

4351 France Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55410

France 44 celebrates three generations of doing business the Anderson family way. The simple bottle shop opened in 1959 by Red and Harriet Anderson, has evolved into a gourmet lifestyle shop. Guests enjoy the expertise of a cultivated and passionate staff poised to answer any question. We offer a staggering selection of wine, spirits, beer, artisanal cheese, old–world charcuterie, gourmet groceries, deli sandwiches, and custom catering.

We are dedicated to providing our guests with a memorable experience. It is important to us that we connect with our community by participating in local charities and neighborhood events. Experience for yourself what makes our family–owned business stand apart from the “big box” stores.

Blue Nile

2027 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

We moved to our current location in the Seward neighborhood in 1996 to become the Blue Nile Restaurant & Lounge, with two levels for music of all kinds, and a full bar featuring fine wine, an array of unique cocktails, and an acclaimed beer list, with local brews, and classics from around the world. Welcome to the Blue Nile, where a world of experience awaits you!

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We love beer, obviously, but we also place great importance on the community and art - visual and audio. The Tap Room is our way of getting the community together, looking and listening to art and enjoying a few beers.

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