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We now have new, expanded hours for the purchase of growlers! Feel free to stop in any time from Tuesday to Friday from 12-10pm or Saturday from 1-10pm.

If the front tasting room is closed please come around back to the Tap Room.

Why growlers? These 64-oz glass jugs with Harriet labels are specially made for our brewery. Unlike bottled beer that has been sitting on the shelf for an indefinite time, our growlers only contain the freshest beer. We fill our growlers with beer that is at its optimal drinking point so you are able to have the best beer possible! Growlers can be stored for a couple of weeks, and once opened are good for 24 hours – much longer than a bottle of beer! Check out our current menu to the right to find out what beers are available. Be sure to stop by often as many changes will be made in the upcoming months!


Tuesday from 4-10pm
Wednesday from 4-10pm
Thursday from 4-10pm
Friday from 4-10pm
Saturday from 1-10pm
If front door is locked please come around back to the Tap Room

Growlers: 64 oz Glass Bottle.
Beer: $12-16 depending on style of beer.
Bottle: $5 Deposit
Sorry, we can’t fill other folks’ growlers.

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