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Divine Oculust

Divine Oculust

Belgian-Style Golden Strong

The Divine Eye looks upon the unification of man and woman in the glow of the sun. The subtle floral and fruit spirit of the strong golden ale harmonizes with its lusty alcohol level creating a beer that unifies all drinkers. Let the perspectives of the Divine Oculust flow through you like a rushing river of golden ale through a ravine.

Our Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale pours golden with a persistent white head. Classic banana, light fruitiness, subtle spice and alcohol flavors derived from yeast are complimented with an abundance of noble hops which enhance the light fruity character and contribute a pleasant floral note. Divine Oculust is medium-light bodied and deceptively easy to drink for its strength.

8.5% ABV • 35 IBU

10 Responses to Divine Oculust

  1. Briana Vogen says:

    Hi! I was at the Food Truck Rally a few weeks back and y’all were out of Oculust. Do you have it again?



  2. Frances says:

    Bought a bottle (not growler) of the Oculust, wondering do you take the bottles back – or just the growler bottles?

    ps. it was great!

  3. Kaleb says:

    I tried your beer on tap at a restaurant in the cities area (can’t remember the name). I have been looking at liquor stores trying to find it ever since and was wondering what locations you distribute to or if you only have it at the brewery.

  4. Robert Graham says:

    I had this beer at my local pizza establishment and couldn’t believe just how fine a beer it is. I drink many different european belgian style beers and this one exceeds anything I’ve tasted so far. I hope it is a good seller for Harriet Brewing so it will be around for a long time!

    • hbadmin says:

      Thank you for your kind words.WE have been getting that response from our customers and we plan on brewing this beer year round. ~ Cheers

  5. jon carisch says:

    proudly serving Harriet

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