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Divine Resolution

Divine Resolution

Spiced Belgian-Style Golden Strong

We brewed our original Divine Oculust recipe with Orange Peel & Corriander added in the boil. Opening notes of light fruits and spice melding into a deep palate of succulent orange and floral hops all dance with a unique effervescence to round out this vivacious golden ale.

The Divine Eye looks upon the unification of man and woman in the glow of the sun. The subtle floral and fruit spirit of the strong golden ale harmonizes with its lusty alcohol level creating a beer that unifies all drinkers. Let the perspectives of the Divine Oculust flow through you like a rushing river of golden ale through a ravine.

Our Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale pours golden with a persistent white head. Classic banana, light fruitiness, subtle spice and alcohol flavors derived from yeast are complimented with an abundance of noble hops which enhance the light fruity character and contribute a pleasant floral note. Divine Oculust is medium-light bodied and deceptively easy to drink for its strength.

ABV 8.5% IBU 35

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