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Harriet’s Elevator soars through layers of flavor like the refraction of light from a setting sun entering the atmosphere. Take in the view of Minneapolis, as you are elevated above the earth and past the intertwined constellations of Capricorn (the goat) and Aquarius (Harriet Brewing). Elevate your mind, body and soul.

Elevator Doppelbock is traditionally brewed using the decoction method and is lagered for two months. This beer is rich and malt driven, with characteristics of dark fruit and caramel supported by a light toastiness and just enough bitterness from the hops to keep it balanced. Elevator is hearty, yet clean and complex. It’s tempting to make this a daily ration of liquid bread… you know, to honor the monks.

8.0% ABV • 20 IBU

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  1. Pete says:

    Hi, Harriet Brewing. My wife unfortunately can’t consume gluten. Do you have any gluten free products?



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