Harriet Brewing

Saison Nourrice

Saison Nourrice

Belgian-Style Farmhouse Ale

Saisons were traditionally brewed in Wallonian farmhouses for farmhands and local consumption.  Our saison greets drinkers with notes of tropical fruit and black pepper.  A prominent tartness is coupled with an assertive floral/spicy hop character. Rigorous mashing and a long boil lend a yellow-orange hue to the eclectic malt malt backbone. Harriet’s Nourrice is flavorful and complex, with a dry, light yeasty finish that goes and goes.

6.0% ABV • 35 IBU

One Response to Saison Nourrice

  1. J. Hicks says:

    Had the Saison at the Spring Ale fest. It was fantastic.
    Hope to see you at the Sol Fest this weekend. MTMB

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