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JANUARY 29th, 2016


Tuesday Jan. 26th:      Belgian-style IPA Pilot Batch Release

Harriet Brewing will be releasing 5 new IPAs (Belgian-style of course!).  Only 5 gallons of each recipe were made.  Only flights including all five IPAs will be served.  Flights cost $15.  Recipes include a rye IPA, white IPA, brown IPA, Imperial IPA, and 75 min IPA.  Tapping at 4pm!

We will also be kicking off our open showcase at Harriet Brewing. We will have a house band (rythm section) to back whomever wants to signup and allow 10 minute time slots. There will also be a live painter (TBA) and vendors with musical inventory available for purchase!  Please contact Greg Byers or Maya Baglien to signup in advance. BYOI (Bring your own instruments)

Wednesday Jan 27th:    Barrel-aged Divine Oculust Re-Release

Harriet Brewing will be tapping our Chardonnay barrel aged Divine Oculust.  We age our Divine Oculust in old Chardonnay barrels from California.  These barrels contain various types of brettanomyces and lactobicillus, which cultivate tart, fruity, and vinous notes.  And, believe it or not, the barrels impart a slight oak and white wine character. Tapping at 4pm!

Lolo’s Ghost will be continuing their Wednesday night residency with songs written and covered by James Loney, one of the Twin Cities’ finest singer/songwriters.

Thursday Jan 28th:                   Elevator Doppelbock Re-Release

Malty, dark, strong German lager anyone?  Take part in celebrating the re-release of Elevator Doppelbock.  Get an early start in nourishing yourself as many monks did centuries ago while fasting through lent.  I bet you don’t even have to fast and drink for the full 40 days in order to see visions of God!  Tapping at 4!

Jim Walsh will hoot as usual during his Thursday residency at Harriet Brewing.  Walsh hosts a platform for local singer/songwriters to play their music and tell their story on the Harriet stage.

Friday Jan 29th:            Crankshaft and the Geargrinders!

Man we love this band!  Nobody quite gets our tap room off their butts and on the dance floor like Chrankshaft.  Please, if you want to give us an anniversary gift, drink a bunch of beer and leave your sweat on the floor!  $5 cover at 6pm

Saturday Jan 30th:        Day after 5th Anniversary Party

If you couldn’t make the Anniversary yesterday, fret not.  We are having another party today, plus, none of us know what day it is anyway.  Good ol’ music from good ol’ local performers will put a smile on your lips, and our tasty beer will wet them.  $5 cover at 3pm.

Harriet Brewing ” Beer is an Art “

We focus on brewing traditional European styles, particularly Belgian ales and German lagers. We believe that intention is the most important component in creating beers. Intention is what what separates a good beer from an excellent beer. Each of our beers serves as an outlet of complete creative expression and each recipe is the manifestation of our research of the classics and our artistic interpretation of those styles.


We take pride in combining our knowledge of brewing, our open minds, and discerning pallets to brew both unique and traditional beers. With every single recipe, our goal is authenticity – to develop a certain character that elevates the beer to leader among its compatriots. As beer drinkers ourselves, we crave authenticity in our drinks, and therefore we crave authenticity as brewers, too!

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